College Savings Plans

Advantages of College Savings Plans

Tax Benefits

Once you pay tax on the money you contribute you don't pay tax on the earnings or when you use the funds for a qualified educational purpose.  

Everyone Can Contribute

This is a hypothetical example and is not representative of any specific situation.  Your results will vary.  The hypothetical rates of return used do not reflect the deduction of fees and charges inherent to investing.  

College Savings Plans are a great gift idea because anyone can start one or contribute by making a one time gift or an automatic monthly or annual contribution.  An account can be started with as little as $250 and you can make monthly contributions starting at $25 a month.  

Can Be Used At Schools Nationwide

Funds can be used at any accredited university, college or vocational school nationwide.  In general, if an institution has a student aid program they qualify. 


A Beginners Guide to Saving for College 

A resource for common questions regarding saving for college. Learn about who can contribute, when to start saving, how to prioritize college and retirement savings, and what happens if your kid doesn't go to college.  

College Cost and Savings Calculator

A free calculator to help you get  an estimate of how much a specific college might cost by the time your student's ready for school and how much of the cost your monthly or annual savings might cover.  

Tax Advantaged Ways to Save for College

A look at the different types of Tax-Advantaged College Savings options and the pro's and cons associated with each option.  A helpful tool to help determine which plain is suitable for you.  

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